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Hey, I thought this could really be fun.  Let's see who can find the most ridiculous story (online, in a book, or maybe even that you've "heard") about why this or that trait evolved.  For instance, why we yawn, or smile, or how critters got their colors, or the camel got its hump, or why some of us like steaks rare and others well-done (there's gotta be an evolutionary explanation for that!), etc.


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Just to get us started here, from a Wikipedia article on yawning comes this gem (highlights mine):

"To look at the issue in terms of a possible evolutionary advantage, yawning might be a herd instinct.  For example, theories suggest that the yawn serves to synchronize mood in gregarious animals, similar to the howling of the wolf pack. It signals tiredness to other members of the group in order to synchronize sleeping patterns and periods."

I always love statements like "theories suggest."  And where do "theories" come from?  Theories can think and talk, can they?  No, STORYTELLERS "suggest."


I cant remember which article but 2 month's ago they came up with a ridiculous story to why zebra's had stripe's.When i read that i thought all hope was lost for the so called "scientific community".It had to be the most ridiculous speculation ever


Yep, I recall that one.  It had something to do with "confusing" predators I believe.  Of course, that doesn't help explain why so many animals don't have stripes, but hey, at least we got our Evospeak explanation!


I saw something like this on a TV special, but it had nothing to do with evolution.  It showed a series of lion attacks, where the pursuer failed to lock on a target and eventually came to a stop while the herd continued to stampede past.  Certainty as the camera crew showed a number of perspectives, the stripes broke up the silhouettes of individual animals.  Antelope have pure speed and elusiveness.  Buffalo have powerful horns.  A number of animals have protective coloration.   Any of these factors could be the result of evolution or creation, depending on your preferences.  So what makes utility of the zebra's stripes "ridiculous?"

Why don't other animals have stripes?  John, you claim to have studied biology, so you know the answer.  Unless the gene for striping appeared in the species, it could not have been selected for.

Spoiler alert.  This post is not meant as an argument for evolution, so don't even go there.  It's a direct response to the last two posts - nothing more.


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The "utility" of the zebra's stripes is where you go off track, because you are "assuming" that they have some utility because you saw a TV show that "seemed" to indicate that the herd confused the predator.  So, what you've done is commit the Evo cardinal sin (yes, I know you're not defending evolutionists) of "assuming" that what YOU saw "seemed" to indicate that stripes confuse predators, regardless of what the truth was from the lion's point of view, which we can never really know.  I could just as well assume that the lion stopped because there was a herd of zebra and the lion couldn't just charge into the herd.  Oftentimes predators just wait till a weaker animal falls behind the herd and then they attack, and that applies to other animals besides zebras (I've seen it happen with wolves and elk, which are not striped, as you well know).  Perhaps the TV program was just showing what they wanted to show so you would THINK that the reason the lion stopped was because of the stripes, which would "prove" that stripes "evolved" to help zebras survive (a totally silly notion, as if they were surviving before they had stripes, then they didn't need 'em).  Until I have more information, I'm an eternal skeptic.  Human beings are by nature deceitful and will do whatever is necessary to defend their own biases, and evolutionists fit that bill to a T (yep, so do creationists, but usually not out of deliberate deceit).

So I do not need to invent a story about why zebras have stripes (other than that it was due to alleles for different colored hair, or non-colored hair as the case may be).  If the stripes just "happen" to aid the zebras when it comes to being attacked by lions, that's fine, but no doubt there are other reasons zebras die, so we'd need to invent some other excuses for why they're NOT escaping from those threats.

Therefore, if we're going to attribute some survival advantage for zebra stripes, I would include that in the ridiculous evolution story category for sure.

As for antelope having speed and buffalo horns, they still die from predation.  Are you going to say that speed and horns developed as survival advantages?  The question remains:  How were they surviving before they evolved those traits?  Evolution requires backward "reasoning."  No pun intended (backward), but Buffalo don't have horns on their butts, so no doubt wolves and other predators figured out, "Hey, a good place to attack them is on their butts!"  Ok, so now where do we take it from there?  Did they then develop flatulence to fend off predators from the rear end?  That sounds like a good one to me!


Well, apparently Ann Coulter beat me to the punch with the "Giant Raccoon Flatulence Theory," in her book, Godless.  I like Ann Coulter because she has the guts to go where most fear to tread.  It would be nice to see a few good men showing the same grit.

nathan hogroast


LOL Ya beat me to it!  I love that diagram of the dinosaurs growing SMALLER.  Talk about confused people.  The dinosaurs got bigger to fend off predators, then got smaller so they could fly.  Is schizophrenia a prerequisite for being an evolutionary scientist?

That diagram is the opposite of the horse evolution diagram, where they took a couple of different species, made them different sizes so it looked like they were evolving and getting bigger, and voila'! that's how we got horses (oh, that's right, they lost a couple of toes, too, which of course doesn't help much with explaining where toes came from in the first place).

So they take a few different dino species, downsize them, then add feathers, and gullible humanity accepts it without question.  Well, I'm thankful that SOME of us question it anyhow.

I'm telling you, it is all so STUPID as to make the head ache, but they just keep on getting worse.  I just got done reading a book about "life on Mars" (they won't give that one up either) that said the Russians found 3 million year old bacteria in permafrost and all they had to do was warm them up and they came back to life.  Yeah, and I have some nice cool beachfront property on Venus that I'd like to sell you, too.  Unreal.

nathan hogroast

the old evolution science people (i wont call them scientists because that would be an insult to science) remind me of a group of children telling each other stories, each one more fantastic than the one before, and because there is never a challenge to the absurdity of their mutterings it continues with wide eyes and nodding of heads
and so it is for these people, they are never challenged by the media, or their peers. and so they continue spouting their rubbish for the consumption of the gullible public.
of course they are challenged by us creationists, but the secular world has done such a wonderful job of sticking us in a box labeled cranks that our challenge is never heard in the media.


Quoteof course they are challenged by us creationists, but the secular world has done such a wonderful job of sticking us in a box labeled cranks that our challenge is never heard in the media.

That's exactly what prompted me to write my sarcastic tome.  I got to thinking, "Wait a minute; these guys are trying to make us out to be crackpots, while they claim to believe we used to be bacteria, fish and simians and that things appeared out of nowhere and birds magically grew wings and learned to fly and dinosaurs drowned in their own poop and extraterrestrials are out there trying to contact us right now?  Who are the fruitcakes here, us or them?"


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Oh, man, this one had my head spinning and had me howling with laughter.  As if the bit about male faces having evolved to take punches weren't bad enough, we now have a new "study" (read: colossal waste of time and money but no evos would dare protest that) that SUGGESTS (read that word again) that female faces evolved around the time culture became more civilized!  Woohahahahaha  ;D

The first problem I see is with identifying "more civlized."  Frankly, I believe western culture is becoming LESS civilized, but as usual that's just me.  But I can just picture our apeman ancestors as they looked at their apewomen evolving more sensuous faces and saying to each other, "Thag, you know we should really behave better now because these apegirls are gettin' kinda hot and so we don't want to be punching each others' jaws any more."  Yes, I can see the connection.  And there you have it, my personal "study" of the matter, and it only cost a few minutes of my time!

Apparently evolving feminine faces didn't cause civilization to become less STUPID if we're going to continue tolerating this idiocy.  Here's a link to the article:

nathan hogroast

"The modern human behaviors of technological innovation, making art and rapid cultural exchange probably came at the same time that we developed a more cooperative temperament," said lead author Robert Cieri, a biology graduate student at the University of Utah who began this work as a senior at Duke University.

The research team also included Duke animal cognition researchers Brian Hare and Jingzhi Tan, who say this argument is in line with what has been established in non-human species.

In a classic study of Siberian foxes, animals that were less wary and less aggressive toward humans took on a different, more juvenile appearance and behavior after several generations of selective breeding.

i'm sick of this rubbish, and more sick that they are allowed to get away with it, and that gives them the green light to continue with their madness.