John Verderame

John Verderame was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1955. From early childhood he has had an interest in science, particularly the fields of astronomy, geology, biology and space. John still recalls watching the Sputnik satellite come up over the horizon near the Philadelphia airport, collecting rocks on a vacant lot next to the home where he grew up, and being fascinated by turtles, frogs, snakes, and other living things, some of which he adopted as pets.

In the late 1960s and early 1970s John went through a "hippie" stage and was the lead singer and organist in a rock group. He also lived in Florence, Italy for a year during that period, which served to both whet his appetite for travel and adventure and reinforced his admiration and respect for Galileo Galilei and his willingness to go against the tide and pay the price for what he believed in.

During his studies toward a degree in Biology from Drexel University, John took time off to ride a bicycle across the USA, which was just one of his many travel adventures. When he returned to his studies, he began to have doubts about the theory of Evolution, and eventually abandoned it and became a born-again Christian and Creationist, both of which caused his interest in science to widen and deepen. And a new interest in Theology led John to pursue a Master's degree in that subject from the Dallas Theological Seminary.

John's work experience includes a brief stint in a metallurgy lab at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, inspector for both the Philadelphia Health and Water Departments, quality control technician in a laboratory at Frito Lay in Dallas, Texas, office and technical assistant for telescope manufacturer Optical Guidance Systems, five years living in Italy co-pastoring an evangelical church in Milan that John helped to establish, along with travel around Europe, Eastern Europe and Russia teaching and speaking on various topics including Creation and Evolution, three years at Answers in Genesis in Kentucky responding to hundreds of questions on a wide variety of creation and evolution topics and assisting the Creation Museum development team, and finally a number of years as a Code Enforcement Officer for the Cody, Wyoming Police Department. John has also done research, writing and speaking on the topics of Creation and Evolution for over 40 years.

John is semi-retired, but continues working at the online business which he and his wife Laura have maintained for over 19 years. He occasionally speaks about issues in Creation and Evolution, is an avid book and rock collector and amateur astronomer, and is now devoting more time to writing, which has been a lifetime desire and passion. His first book, Evolution Is Stupid! was published in May of 2013 and is available from all major booksellers and directly from the publisher, as are his other books.

John and Laura have three grown sons and live in Arizona.